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What are the advantages of electric bikes?

E-bikes aren’t just great fun to ride – they also have a range of advantages compared to conventional bikes:

  • E-bikes let you ride further – even without training for cycling.
  • E-bikes support you when it’s time to ride uphill, or when you get tired.
  • E-bikes let you ride more often – especially if you’re in an area with many hills and can’t get around without a little bit of extra motorised assistance.
  • Modern e-bike batteries and e-bike motors are powerful and extremely energy efficient, too. This means you can ride far, thanks to strong motorized power pushing you along the entire journey.
  • E-bike batteries are durable and designed to perform very well after years of usage.
  • E-bike riding is great workout – you can completely ignore the common myth that riding e-bikes ‘isn’t proper exercise’.
  • You don’t need incredible fitness to have tons of fun on an e-bike – no matter where you ride.
  • With an e-bike, you can save time on every ride. Whether you’re commuting to the office or tearing up your local trails after work on your e-mountain bike – with the extra motorised support, you can ride the same routes in less time.
  • Especially in the city, e-bikes are greener than cars – and can even be faster, too. E-bikes provide an option for people who don’t normally ride bikes, and for people who’d normally rather just take the car. They’re good for the environment, and good for your health too.

What are the disadvantages of electric bikes?

Despite all the advantages that e-bikes have, there are some disadvantages too:

  • E-bikes can cost more to buy than regular bikes.
  • E-bikes require more maintenance than normal bikes.
  • You need the help of trained bike shop specialists to maintain and set up e-bike batteries and motors. This can be more expensive than maintaining a regular bike.
  • E-bikes are significantly heavier.
  • E-bikes also take more planning and organization, because you have to make sure the battery is always charged. On a normal bike, you don’t have this issue.

Who can benefit from an e-bike?

E-bikes are worth it for most bike riders. Depending on the details concerning what and how you ride, a few different factors come into play. At the end of the day there’s no wrong choice – but maybe we can help you make the best choice for your requirements in these different riding scenarios:

E-bikes are perfect for your daily commute.

E-bikes for commuting

E-bikes can be an incredible car replacement – there’s a good reason why these are such a popular choice for commuting. When the traffic builds up at rush hour, e-bikes are simply faster, more agile, more ecological and better for your health than cars. The motorized support means you can ride easily and sweat-free and have a relaxed start or end to your workday. There are so many benefits. For bad weather riding, there are all kinds of accessories and water-resistant clothing that you can wear over your office attire.


For day-in, day-out transportation, buying an e-bike has the potential to replace your car in many situations. Whether it’s for shopping, taking the kids to preschool, or riding over to meet with friends – e-bikes are fast, eco-friendly, have lower running costs and let you easily incorporate exercise into your daily routine.

No climb is too steep when riding an e-bike.

Pushing the boundaries

Want to ride far and fast out on the roads, or electrify your local off-road trails? Then a powerful, high-performance e-bike is exactly what you need. They allow you to cover more distance and ride up steep climbs without needing to push. What’s more, you can get more riding done in less time than with a normal bike – so you can still fit in proper rides when time is tight.

For older riders and post-injury recovery

E-bikes are also empowering for older riders who want to get out on a bike despite having any mobility-limiting concerns. Especially when it comes to joint issues like arthritis, or if you’ve recently suffered an injury, e-bikes are by far the best and easiest way to get back to cycling again. Thanks to the extra motorized support, you can get rolling easily, even in situations like these.

E-bikes for casual riders and explorers

Cycling is an incredible way (the best, if we may say so!) of casually exploring your local area. Especially nowadays, in day-to-day life, we generally spend most of our time in the area surrounding our homes. With an e-bike, you can get out further and discover so much more.

Riding an e-bike is a great way to discover your area.

How does e-bike riding feel?

In terms of feel, there’s no difference between riding an e-bike and a conventional bike. First, the geometry and handling are very similar. But with an e-bike, you get the extra support you need to glide effortlessly up steep climbs. On flat terrain, e-bikes feel extremely similar to normal bikes. But as soon as you need to ride uphill, their extra power makes a huge difference.

How does it feel to ride an e-bike with the motor switched off?

With the motor off, e-bikes ride much more sluggishly than a normal bike without a motor. Since the motor inside the bike has to rotate even when switched off, you need to push a bit more energy through the pedals to keep the wheels turning.

How does it feel to ride an e-bike without the battery?

When its battery is not fitted, an e-bike will also ride more sluggishly than a normal bike. However, removing the battery reduces the weight by a significant amount – between 6-10 lb.

Conclusion – is an e-bike worth it for me?

So, we’ve explained the advantages and disadvantages of electric bikes and the situations when e-bikes can help the most. When it comes down to it, you’re the only one who can decide if an e-bike is right for you – but if you want to get riding more often and to go further in order to explore new areas, then a high-quality e-bike is absolutely a great choice.

If you embrace the physical challenge of cycling or just ride short distances in your city, then a standard bike will probably make more sense for you. Whatever you decide – we’re sure you’ll love your new bike, whether it’s motorized or motor-free.





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