Our amazing Cruiser PRO f. $2499 Best Price in Australia Now In Stock!

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Volition Australia (Faculty of will power) has been a strong supporter of Bafang motors (China) since the very “beginning’. We have seen how they have grown from one floor factory to a multinational R&D Development Centre. Of course, we are very pleased that Bafang is getting even more reconigison for their hard work and innovation.


The truth is that Bosch the industry leader still had an edge over Bafang when it comes to how smooth a motor can be. However , this is about to change ! We are so excited to release new generation Bafang Motors coming later this year 2024 with BESST PRO (Volition custom tuning work). It is a great news for technical riders who require refined power control delivery.  Now Volition electric bikes with new generation Bafang motors finally as good as Bosch , Shimano , Brose ….  Arguably,  it has matched the finesse of German engineering.


Power isn’t much without control.  Bafang 2024 new generation motors are powerful and beautifully tuned. We Volition is proof of being a supporting partner of Bafang Motors in Australia.





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