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Limited Warranty & Returns


Volition E.bikes are engineer-minded people. We work day and night to ensure products we engineer & manufacture are long lasting.  We also import bikes from overseas and work closely with our partners to again ensure bikes we sell can endure the years of use.


Limited Warranty Periods:

  • 1 Year on the whole electrical system including the display, battery & motor
  • 1 Year on the most bike parts excluding all wear & tear items such as tyre, cassette, chain or belt, brake pads, grips, saddle & pedals.


What Our Warranty Covers:

  • Manufacturers Faults, defects and/or Premature Failure
  • Original Purchasers of Product where a Receipt is Presentable


What We Don’t Cover:

  • Battery Performance or Range*. Motor Electrical Burn out (overheating) or Any part that has been short circuited
  • Mechanical gear systems both external and internal. Cassette and chains are expected to be changed every 6 months on powerful mid drive e.bikes. IGH hubs can be damaged by incorrect operation.
  • Damage or Failure due to misuse (eg. freestyle or commercial activities or motor and battery “electric burn” due to excessive heat & improper use)
  • Damage caused by failure to service or maintain products. Our bikes are not water (especially salty water) proof, dust proof nor rust proof.
  • Damage caused by users’ incorrect fitment, installation or assembly
  • Wear and Tear from General use over time eg. worn tyres or brake pads
  • Products Tampered with or Altered from its Original State such as modifying top speeds on your own; modifying the e.bike controller
  • Claims outside the Valid Warranty Date from the Date of Receipt
  • Accessories such as Clothing, Tyres, Tubes, Serviceable Fluids, Perishables or Wear and Tear items

Battery Range*

  • There are many factors that affect this from speed, terrain, rider weight, assistance mode, cadence & rider’s own effort. Therefore, the bike can last from around 20km to over 120km+
  • The Up to range numbers we refer to are from customers’ feedback and they are achievable but they are not guaranteed.


What Happens When I Have a Warranty Problem?

  1. Contact a member of our team to assist with diagnosing the problem via emails and videos
  2. If a manufacturers fault is established, we will need the damaged part to be sent back if possible , we may or may not cover the shipping fee depending on the exact circumstance. We will then ship out the replacement part,
  3. If the fault requires our technician to diagnose, repair or install components, we will arrange a pick up service to bring the product to our service centre in Sydney (2022). Please also note that  the customer will bear the labour work of re-packing the bike into the original box for the purchase of the delivery. Additionally if we find the repair is outside of our warranty coverage; i.e. there is obvious damage to the bike from collision or mis-use; the battery has been dropped etc.. ; if the claimed fault is due to a simple user error; if it is caused by a build error by the user on receipt of the bike, we reserve the right to claim the cost of the repair plus the freight in both directions before returning the repaired bike. Replacements could be new or refurbished and also could be an updated or similar version.




We do not accept a return for a refund if the bike can be restored to a fully functional state even if the bike originally had a warranty issue. If the product suffers from a warranty issue and can not be restored to the full working condition, we will accept the return and provide the full refund and arrange the pick up of the product boxed back to our centre service in Sydney (2022).

We do not accept returns for refunds if the buyer simply changes his/her mind.

We do not accept returns for refunds if the product has been damaged in accidents or had its warranty voided; please refer to “what will void the warranty ” above

In isolated cases, we may accept a buy-back offer from the buyer; however , the offer will have to be agreed from both sides.

Please note that the shipping fees are non-refundable under all circumstances.



Commercial/ Racing Use

If you are using the bike for commercial use, please notify us fo a pre-agreement. Our limited warranty does not cover any commercial or heavy duty use a such as Uber Eats, hiring or 3500km+ of use within 3 months




Please self-check (or by a workshop) your ebike when you receive your order and again within the first month of use including all features , functions of ebike as well as all screws and nuts accessible. It is also recommended to self-check all functions of e-bikes and screws & nuts at least every 3months or before a long ride.  Please get your bike serviced professionally whenever you feel like the bike needs attention – depending on your level of usage , for example , are you using your bike 2 hours a day or a week or a month. You can also contact us with photos and videos if you are not sure about how ebikes are performing, we can provide our advice.


Tyre pressure; urban riding & trail riding are different. In general, we recommend 35psi front, 38psi rear.

First service: It is quite normal that the bike needs the gears retuned & brakes adjusted within the first few weeks. There are many “how to” videos online or please ask for help from your local bike shop.

WHEN CHANGING GEAR (both cassette & internal ): ease off the pedal pressure to “save the drivetrain”; always pre-select the low gears for a hill climb to ensure the bike chain will last. Shifting one gear at a time!

Motor temperature check is important. Electrical parts may burn out. If the motor is running super hot, make sure to “cool it down”. Selecting the right bike gear helps keeping the motor temp low.

Servicing – The whole system is only water resistant. Clean & dry the bike after the rain is recommended. The brake, chain & tyre may need a check or a service if necessary every 1000km. Please bring your bike to a trusted shop or find the servicing help online. The motor may need a full internal service after 10,000km or 2 years. Any cassette system (chain) may need a replacement after 1000km – 3000km. Internal gears (Shimano) will last many years if used properly. Belt driven systems can also last for many years.


  • Do not shift more one one gear at a time! (one at a time)
  • Do not use the throttle excessively
  • Do not use the throttle to take off
  • Do not use the high gear for low gear situations (this is the most common issue we hear) If you have driven a manual car, e-bikes operate the same way.



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