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21 Jun 2022

Replacing Your Car As the Ultimate Mobility Machine for $5K

E-bikes aren't hunks of metal with motors. These days, the e-bike is designed for a different purpos...

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15 Dec 2021

Built in Australia ! Custom Build MAX CARBON

    We work diligently every day to ensure that bikes we built are up to th...

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08 Nov 2021

Price Increase :(

Unfortunately, due to 300% + increase in the sea freight costs 20% + increase in the electri...

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01 Oct 2021

$5000 Limepay PAY LATER is now Available !

Great system; Hassle free; 30secs fast approval ! Accept all debit & credit cards for our...

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01 Aug 2021

How to use Volition Exclusive Mini Display ?

This stealth is the best in Class if you are looking for a stealth display that does not distrac...

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16 Jun 2021

What Nick has to say about Conversion ebikes ?

Volition Team has been converting push bikes to electric bikes since 2016/2017. With a great number ...

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08 May 2021

Less Power = Less Fun ?!

Volition Electric Bike Australia is known for supplying powerful eBikes for private use. However, we...

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28 Apr 2021

Sneak Peak Volition NEW Jumbo Carbon

  Full Carbon Frame Monstrous Motor Peak 1500watts+ New and upgraded suspension desi...

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28 Apr 2021

Rockshox’s New e.Bike Fork

  We are excited that¬†there are even more ebike specific forks coming out to the market. We c...

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