MAX eMTB (Carbon) New

MAX eMTB (Carbon) New

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  • 40kmh+, 50kmh+, E-mountain Biking, Electric Bikes, Long Range Battery, Urban Commute

(NEW) E-Mountain Bike; 840Wh Battery ; BEST of BEST; 160mm/160mm Travel


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Motor is the soul

power is fun!

Volition has been working with Bafang closely in the past 5 years. Both M500 & M600 motor systems are their latest addition with much improved torque sensor delivery – the best we have ever tested! Power is meaningless without smooth delivery especially on the trails.

Volition engineering team has been testing the new motors & refining the motor performance on Australian trails for Bafang since 2018.

More about Bafang M600


Bafang M600 1200Watts Upgrade

Battery is the heart!

Power your Journey

At its heart, it’s a powerful Samsung 840Wh 48V battery fully integrated into the frame. The range is up to 100km although there are many factors that could change this number; such as weight, wind and how hard you are pushing down the pedals …


48V e-bike is also much more efficient and powerful than the more common 36V ebike.

Buy the additional Battery Here 



Not all carbon is equal. Volition team visited Dengfu in Shenzhen in late 2018, we were impressed with their 10 year+ experience in carbon manufacturing process and quality control. We are so confident that we are providing an additional year of warranty on the frame (two years in total).  We want you to ride this beast as hard as you can !

It is worth noting that the carbon material is manufactured in Japan before Dengfu hand builds each frame in Shenzhen China



Why You Will Love This Bike !

TOP SPECS; Competitive price

We think that it is the best for the community for us to bring this awesome bike to Australia at the lowest prices possible. More riders, greater community. Dengfu Carbon e bike eMTB is a 160mm travel front and rear trail e mountain bike.  There are many reasons why you should consider an ebike or eMTB.


Why You Will Love This Bike !

  • Bang for the bucks
  • Super plush suspension 160mm travel front and rear
  • Go shredding , the bike can take it
  • Under 25Kg e Bike
  • There is a throttle !

More Info



Name                                       Description / VOLITION AU * Specifications are subject to change without notice                              
FRAME DENGFU 29er full carbon frame; 148mmx12mm Boost rear; 160mm frame travel
FORK Rockshox Yari RC 29 160mm Travel Air , 110x15mm Thru. Boost
SHOCK Rockshox Super deluxe select +; 210mmx55mm.
STEM Enduro Style 50mm
HANDLEBAR Generic Black; 780mm
SADDLE Generic
SEATPOST Zoom Droppost 150mm
REAR DERAILLEUR SRAM RD-SX Eagle Derailleur 12spd
SHIFTER SRAM Sl-Sx Eagle Shifter 12spd
CASSETTE SRAM CS-PG-1210 Eagle 11t- 50T 12spd
DRIVE SRAM CN-SX Eagle 12spd
CHAINRING Bafang 38T eMTB chainring N.W.
CRANKSET Bafang MTB custom offset, 170mm, alloy
F. WHEEL SET 29er Boost, Alloy, eMTB Hub, 6 bolt, 110x15mm , p14 spokes, 28 holes, all black
R. WHEEL SET 29er Boost, Alloy, eMTB Hub, 6 bolt, 148x12mm , p14 spokes, 28 holes, all black
FRONT TYRE Maxxis Rekon 29×2.6inch
REAR TYRE Maxxis Rekon 29×2.6inch
INNER TUBES Schrader Style
MOTOR Bafang M600, 120Nm of Torque. Top Speed 45Kmh. 
THROTTLE Yes. Installed
UI/DISPLAY UNIT Bafang DP C240 Can with control buttons
BATTERY & KEYS 48V 840Wh Samsung Semi-Integrated, keys operated lock, on-board charging port
CHARGER 48V Au Plug, 3amps
R. LIGHTs None
Kick Stand None
PEDALS Generic MTB ready
BOX SIZE 162cm x 30cm x 87cm ; 35Kg Box Weight
NOTE Weight around 25kg TBC. Assembled in China 



If you are an experienced rider looking for the absolutely max performance in this form factor , here is the upgrade! Increasing the stock 1000Watts to 1200watts peak!

What does it mean ?

  • a bit higher torque; Up to 140Nm increased from 120Nm
  • a bit faster acceleration 0-50kmh
  • drain the battery faster though!


Bafang M600 1200Watts Upgrade


Questions & Answers


  • Can I just use the throttle and not pedal at all ?

Yes. You can (un-restricted M600 version only). The throttle works like a mini e-moped ; please avoid to over-use the throttle especially the take-off.


  • How many years will the battery last ?

E.Bike batteries should last up to 4-5 years before dropping to 50% of the original capacity . It is a gradual process.


  • What distance can I get it out ?

It really depends. There are a few factors in play; how many hills, how hard are you pushing, the wind… etc.  Up to 100km.


  • Do you have dealers in other cities.

No. Volition E-Bike Australia is a factory to consumer / direct sale manufacturer based in Sydney. We’ve hammered down the price to be the lowest possible.


  • What if I have a problem with my in the future?

Most parts are just regular bike parts. You could get help from any bicycle store. If you are experiencing any electrical issue, we can remotely diagnose the issue and send replacement parts. We could also arrange a courier pick up for your bike and have it serviced in Sydney.


  • How can I put the bike together from the box.
Mid Drive vs Hub Motor

There are mainly two motor systems on the market


New e-motor and battery trends from Eurobike 2019: Amprio, Bafang ...

[Mid Drive]

  • Produces a lot of torque utilising the bike’s gear system; better for the hill climbing and efficient riding. All premium e.bikes use mid drive systems
  • Light weight, centred and a part of the frame; thus, no negative effect on the suspension performance
  • Riders need some hours on the bike to learn and understand how it works
  • Puts the stress on the bike chain; however, internal gear systems in general can solve this issue.



[Hub Motor Drive]

  • Affordable & popular on entry level e.bikes
  • Impose no stress on the drive system by not using them …
  • Not so much torque; poor leverage. Imagine grabbing the hinge of a door to open it instead of the door nob
  • Unsprung mass which means it negatively affects the suspension performance
  • Tyre / tube change is a hassle
  • Boring …



[ What do we love mid drive motors ? ]

  • better suspension performance, better handling, better weight distribution
  • very natural pedalling feeling
  • power! mid drive motors are more powerful /of more torque than hub motors.


More about the battery & charger

What is an battery ?

Voltage = Power

The controller & battery really determine the power level of an; not necessarily just the motor. The controller draws the current. The battery holds the charge (voltage).  The broad conclusion is that the higher the voltage, the more powerful the is

This is why you will notice the power decrease as the battery holds less and less energy during use. A freshly charged battery is in its most “potent” condition.


Watt.Hour = Range

The misconception is that ampere.hour (Ah) is the battery’s duration. Watt Hour (Wh) is in fact the correct measure of size for a battery. In an approximate estimation, you can travel 5-20km for every 100watt-hours, based on an average of mixed levels of power and variation of terrain. Our numbers are real world figures based on customers’ feedback.



Like all things, batteries vary significantly in quality and engineering.  Some are just unsafe and scary. Firstly, the battery cells are not made equal. Cells are “farmed” and there are Grade AAA and all the way down to Grade C. The prices vary drastically. Unfortunately,  almost all highest grade battery cells are grabbed by car manufacturers in their exclusive deals. Premium batteries are made from Grade A or A- or B+. Cheap batteries tend to use lower grades of cells that tend to die prematurely or the power is lacklustre. One analogy is that if a restaurant wants the best grade of vegetables from the farms, it has to pay for it.

A battery is in fact made of lots of cells.  What determines the battery’s overall duration and safety is how they are connected together.  We have spent huge amounts of time researching and visiting battery factories. One can assume that the longer time the production line spends on a single battery, the better & safer the battery will be. More time = better results. We have very strict instructions and protocols with our partner factories as to how our batteries are assembled . We make sure that each and every single battery that we sell is as safe as possible. Sadly, we have seen a great number of unsafe batteries purchased cheaply online.


Battery charging;

One common question we get is that should I care about how I am charging the battery. Modern (our) batteries have a BMS computer board inside to regulate the charging, discharge and prevent over charging and over-use. It also balances the voltage level of each cell. So with our premium BMS. The answer is “no need & just charge it whenever you feel like”.

The charger determines the speed of charging. Fast charging is convenient. But it decreases the longevity of the battery because the “charging” is in fact putting the stress on the battery cells. The faster the charging, the more stress the cells have to bear. If you are not in a huge hurry, a 3 or 5amps charger will do the job just fine.




Rob from UK called it the “CHEEB” Is this Carbon E Mountain Bike any good ?


MAX Carbon Performance (M600 Back-Order)



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