MAX CARBON Frame & Battery Build Your Own


Please email us the frame size



PRE ORDER ONLY!  Delivery takes about 3 months from the time of the order confirmation. We also can take a deposit of $1000 non refundable for this order.


  • DENG FU Frame kit; Build your own dream e Bike ! The frame has LOGOs! Two year limited manufacturing warranty on the frame.  If you do not want any logos, just leave us a note !
  • Complete Battery/ Charger Kit . One year warranty. Keys are included.
  • Complete Motor system. One year warranty.
  • No assembly instructions provided! If you are not much of a mechanic, we donot recommend building an ebike yourself.
  • No bike parts included.



  • 44mm/56mm headset
  • 210mm-55m shock
  • Boost Size / Axle is included
  • 31.6mm Seat Post



  • Can I use a different battery ? No, the frame size is specific , other batteries won’t fit in at all in the frame
  • What exactly come with the frame kit and I am a bit unsure ? Again, if you have never built a bike before, donot attempt and waste your time and money. Frame kits incl. all small parts integral to the frame.
  • Who should try this BYO ? A. people who happen to have expensive bike parts unused ! B  people who have a very good MTB with parts they can recycle.  D. People who want to build an amazing bike with no money spared.
  • Can I save money and time ? Na! Buying a frame kit , parts at retails prices and assemble an ebike with zero experience is not the way to save money and parts. You may break things along the way.  Buying an already assembled bike and upgrade parts along the way is the best solution for most people


Thank you !




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