Premium 48V Battery – VOLITION Engineering


Engineered in Australia. Assembled in our own factory. Designed for powerful motors.



  • 48V nominal
  • 45A BMS board. 90A bust
  • please refer to the photo for the size of the battery


Note. The outer size of the 48V is the same as our 52V. The only difference is the base (cradle) they use is slightly different.



Why Choose VOLITION Lithium Engineered in Australia ?


  • We own and operate our own lithium battery assembly factory in KunShan, China to ensure that the final quality is up to our own standards.
  • We have engineered and made our own BMS in Shenzhen. They are compact & heavy duty.
  • Our service team is rich in experience dealing with modern electric bike batteries.
  • 52V is stronger than 48V. It taps out the “hidden” 8% power of a 48V motor system.
  • Note. 52V batteries are compatible with 99% of 48V motor systems out there by default.




Battery Management System 45A max; 90A burst (BMS) Managing

  • Charging voltage
  • Balance voltage for single cell
  • Current consumption
  • Maximal continuous charging current
  • Maximal continuous Discharging current
  • Over charge Protection
  • Over discharge protection
  • Over current protection
  • Short protection
  • Resistance Protection





Warning: VOLITION do not provide warranty if the battery cells are thermally damaged (getting too hot for too long). For example,

  • Running a “small” battery with a “big” motor may cause premature battery cell damages.
  • Running the motor at its max power for a long time may cause premature battery cell damages.



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