Internal Gear Upgrade (Recommended)


Sealed Gears



  • For max upgrade only!


Shimano Nexus 3. There are many reasons why the internal gears are better


  • Sealed & Maintainance Free
  • Last Longer (much longer than the cassette)
  • Shifting the gear standing still
  • Thicker Chain & no sideway movement
  • Yes. Believe us. 3 Speeds are all you need with this high level of power.


This upgrade package includes

  • The whole rear wheel assemble with the nexus being the hub x 1
  • Chain tension x 1
  • Robust KMC Single speed x 1
  • Nexus 3 Speed Shifter x 1
  • Nexus small parts


This only applies to a new bike build. If you really want to install a nexus system on your existing volition bike, contact us please

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