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There’s no way around it: The e-bike industry is booming. One recent market analysis pins the rise in demand on a combination of burgeoning national interest in earth-friendly commuting, initiatives in several cities to build road lanes specifically designed for e-bikes, and the rapid speed of new product development. However, as many converts will tell you, they’re also just plain fun to ride.

When you’re considering an e-bike purchase, it’s important to find a model that matches your needs and riding abilities. Within any growing market, though, deciphering the different makes and models can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve put together this guide highlighting the VOLITION e-bike best suited for your lifestyle, along with the tech specs that show why it might be time to take a ride on an electric bike.

You Want to Possibly Ditch Your Car ?

JET X10 Tour


You Want to Be Able to Take the Roads Less Traveled




You Want an Errand-Running Commuter Machine

KOALA Cruiser Pro

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