Triangle Battery Super Large 1300Wh 48V 27Ah


VOLITION Batteries are manufactured by our own factory!

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  • (Super) 27ah 48V 1300watt-hour energy using CN 3000mah cells. Up to 180Km.
  • 5A charger / 5.5 hour charging time.
  • 10A charger  / 2.5 hour charging time
  • BMS 50A max and 90A Burst
  • Weather proof; so much better than using the bag.
  • More rugged; bags tend to break



Why Choose VOLT Lithium


  • We own and operate our own lithium battery assembly factory in KunShan, China to guarantee that the final quality check is up to our standard.
  • We have been sourcing and test our own BMS from Shenzhen, China for year.
  • We are also capable to strip down the motor and battery for the servicing and repair.  We stock all parts for our customers and dealers to provide our national support.



Battery Management System (BMS) Managing

  • Charging voltage
  • Balance voltage for single cell
  • Current consumption
  • Maximal continuous charging current
  • Maximal continuous Discharging current
  • Over charge Protection
  • Over discharge protection
  • Over current protection
  • Short protection
  • Resistance Protection
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