Max Carbon 52V 550Wh Battery Option (1.3kg Saving)


52VPower !



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  • If you need to travel long distance , carrying an additional light weight battery 550Wh in a bag may be a good idea
  • 52V (you will see a 8% increase in power)
  • 550Wh Premium Cells
  • Almost 1Kg less than the 840wh battery


Why may you want this battery ?

  • the most important reason is to save weight – 1.3kg of weight saving*
  • if you are like us who donot ride more than 25-30km in a single trip on the trails ; there is no point to carry the dead weight. The battery range is only good if you need them
  • 52V will increase the motor torque by nearly 10% !


*550Wh 2.8kg  / 840wh 4.1kg

if you choose the new Bafang M510 95NM 3kg  , the bike weight can go down to 22kg-23kg from the standard 25kg. The bike’s character changes to a much more lively feel and it will pop and turn easier

if you choose the Bafang M600 120NM 3.95kg , the bike still feels lighter enough that makes a difference when you are out there having fun.  We personally ride our bikes with the M600 and 550Wh which offers the best combo of the power and fun. In our circumstance ,we do not need the long range.


Please contact us if you are interested in this option. There is around 4 weeks of waiting time for us to order them in.  There is also the $150 offsetting discount to the Max Carbon price tag.





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