BAFANG Motor Mid Drive Kit (POWER!)

BAFANG Motor Mid Drive Kit (POWER!)

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Transform Your Bike; Power Your Journey; Bafang


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Power Your Journey !

Up to 2000Watts of Geared Power

  • Power is fun ; Up to 2000Watts with our exclusive offer
  • Relatively easy to e-convert your bike; although we do not offer instructions, there are many helpful Youtube videos
  • The mid drive motor is just better in terms of producing the torque and having the fun
  • Bafang M615 System also known as BBSHD 48V/52V is a mature system with millions of Kms done by the users around the world.

Who is this for ?

Why You'll love it ?

  • This kit will turn your bike into a private-use-only powerful machine ; is going to flatten any hill that you can possibly stand on. However, please do not count on a super old bike. It does not make sense to put $2000 worth of parts on a $200 bike.
  • Some e.bikes have the integrated motor with the torque sensor; however, the torque sensor requires the rider to put effort in pedalling which isn’t for everyone. This motor is by no mistake an e-moped experience and the pedalling is insignificant
  • Suitable for people looking for an affordable powerful experience and “belittling” the 250W motors
  • Suitable for people looking for the min pedalling effort but “tear part” the hills / roads

The complete kit

What's included ?

VOLITION is the now largest Bafang mid drive motor sellers in Australia and the most experienced with exclusive offers !


  • Motor body
  • Controller integrated into the motor body
  • Stealth DPC13 Display
  • Chainring 46T. Steel
  • Speed sensor
  • Pedal arms
  • Thumb Throttle
  • Small parts & cables


What’s NOT included ?

  • brake levers are not included
  • gear sensor is not included. Purchase Link below
  • brake sensor is not included and no longer needed if you choose our volition tuned version.
  • installation bike tools are not included
  • Installation instructions are not included. There are many helpful videos on Youtube


VOLITION SYD offers a pro and clean installation service at $600.  The batteries & chargers are additional purchase (below)

More Info

Questions & Answers (must read)

Over 1000 conversions jobs by our team. We have seen everything.


Q. Can I do the installation myself ? Is it hard ? Can Volition do the work for me ?

Q. Can I convert any bike ?

There are many Youtube videos out there that can help you. However, the tool and set up you need for the conversion may cost you hundreds and if you have zero experience with bikes or similar products, you may ended up breaking a few things on the bike ….. We are the most experienced team in Australia and our professional installation offer is only $600.

Not every bike out there but most. We recommend 8/9 speed hard-tail mountain bikes due to their strong frame and suspension. 10/11/12 speeds are not recommended because the chain and cassette start to get really thin and the motor’s pull power may destroy them within weeks. But if you are prepared to replace them often, you will be fine as well.



Q. I only want a 500W or 750W motor ? Do you have them ?

Firstly, the peak power is when you push the motor to its limit; one can just use the 20-30% of the motor power and improve its longevity

By request. We still stock and sell the older generation BBS02B Peak 1000Watts



Q. What is the top speed and range ?

We set our motor top speed to 50kmh. Removing the speed limit voids the warranty. However, the theoretical motor top speed for most bikes is 60kmh depending on the road and gear ratio. The range depends on the size of the battery you buy and how you use the motor. The less you are pedalling , the less range you will get out of the battery. Our range estimates are based on feedbacks we get from our customers.


Q.  What is the difference between power and torque ?

You want the power (up to 200oW) for the high speed travelling. You want the torque (up to 160Nm) for climbing the hills and carry cargo goods. The mid drive is better at producing the torque.



Q. Can I buy 48V or 52V batteries else where ?

A.  You can source your own battery. Our Batteries have been specifically engineered to take on powerful motors without dying prematurely. In general , the bigger the battery, the better



Q. Is BBSHD / M615 truly better than the older but a bit cheaper BBS0102b

A. 100% so much better. We strongly recommend the BBSHD over BBS0102. HD stands for Heavy Duty. The motor is properly engineered in every way including heat management, gear design & the quality of the components.



Q. What is the difference with peak power and nominal power ?

A. The nominal power (watts) is the stable average power out under a medium level of stress – like fast jogging. The peak power is like sprinting – the motor is giving all it has. Both numbers are important. VOLITION calculates the peak power using fully charged batteries.



Q. Should I purchase some brake sensors and what are they?

A brake sensor cuts the motor power off when a brake is applied.  They are additional safety measurement. However, why would anyone apply the brake and pedal forward at the same time ? We do not use them ourselves.  You should make your own choice.


Q. Do I need the gear sensor ? What is it ?

Gear sensor is recommended for commuting but not for trail riding. It cuts out the power for a sec to allow gear shifting taking place safely.

Mid Drive vs Hub Motor

There are mainly two motor systems on the market


New e-motor and battery trends from Eurobike 2019: Amprio, Bafang ...

[Mid Drive]

  • Produces a lot of torque utilising the bike’s gear system for the hill climbing and efficient riding. All premium e.bikes use mid drive systems
  • Light weight, centred and a part of the frame; thus, no negative effect on the suspension performance
  • Requires some hours on the bike to learn and understand how it works
  • Puts the stress on the bike chain; however, internal gear systems in general can solve this issue.



FSA System rear hub e-bike motor powers road, gravel, commuting ...

[Hub Motor Drive]

  • Affordable & popular on entry level e.bikes
  • protected & impose no stress on the drive system
  • Poor leverage. Imagine grabbing the hinge of a door to open it instead of the door nob
  • Unsprung mass which means it negatively affects the suspension performance
  • Tyre tube change is a hassle



[ What do we love mid drive motors ? ]

  • better suspension performance, better handling, better weight distribution
  • very natural pedalling feeling
  • power! mid drive motors are more powerful /of more torque than hub motors.



Premium 52V Battery – VOLITION Engineering

Bafang DPC18 Display Option


Premium Chainring for Bafang/VOLITION Motors

Gear Shifting Sensor (Bafang)

Bafang Motor Installation Tool

E.Bike Chainring Guide

Brake Sensor

Premium 62V Battery – VOLITION Engineering






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