VOLITION 3.0 Quad Piston Hydraulic E-Brake


Powerful E.Brakes

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What are they ?

Brakes are super important on e.bikes because your safety is super important ! They are quad-piston hydraulic brakes offering fantastic stopping power. Remember that e bikes are heavier and faster hence you want plenty of stopping power.

Designed & developed by VOLITION in Australia. We have been testing them for over one year now.  We are pleased with their performance & reliablility on the trail and road.



What does the E-sensor mean ?

These brakes have the brake sensors hidden in a metal chassis. The sensor works like a motor inhibitor; when the brake is pulled, the sensor detects and cuts the motor power at the same time. There are also external E brake sensor for normal brakes but they just do not work well… falling apart after some time of use.



How do I install & service them ?

We designed these brakes around Shimano brake systems. If you know how to install Shimano brakes or service them, you will know what to do with them. If you do not,  there is a lot of help online about Shimano brakes. Shimano compatible pads (4 piston), olives, cable … can be used on these brakes. We do not supply the manuals with the product.



Why $400 ?

Standard 2 piston hydraulic brakes start from $150 -200

Premium 4 piston brakes start from $400 a pair…

These brakes’ stopping power are on par with Shimano XT worthy $1000




Support Australian Manufacturing and Engineering 🙂

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