Bafang Thumb (Up & Down) Throttle for eBikes


Throttle is fun on private land. Thumb (left) is the most popular option for electric bikes



Warning ! Using a throttle on ebikes is not allowed in Australia on any public roads. Private Use Only!


Which bikes ?

Most our Volition electric bikes support the functionality of the throttle.  Bike models

  • Cruiser
  • Jet
  • Max carbon
  • Dingo
  • …etc


How to install it ?

  • There is a plug nearby the display where the user can plug in a throttle easily. the plug is also colour coded
  • Using an Allen key to loosen the throttle so it can slide on the handle bar and to be tightened later


Why left ? A lot of people have asked us why the throttle is not on the right like a motorbike.

  • ebikes are different from motorbikes. The right hand is busy with shifting and front braking
  • The left hand is better suited to operate the thumb throttle and the rear brake



Other choice ?

Twist Throttle for Bafang Electric Bikes & Cruisers

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