Premium 44T Chainring for Bafang BBSHD

$150.00 $130.00

Engineered in Australia. Better for mountain biking.

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The thing about the conversion is that the chainring’s position is far off from the centre of the rear cassette. It just means that the chain is pulling at a great off-set angle and it has a great chance of dropping off from the bike.


This premium version of the ring has many benefits!


  • Compatible with Bafang M615 BSHD only
  • Curved-in shape to bring the chain to a more centred position. In other words, the chain is far less likely to drop off.
  • We have chosen 44T instead of 42T for a better balance between torque and top speed.
  • CNC Alloy 6061 Lighter and better looking
  • Narrow and wide design to catch the chain better thus better chain retention for eMTB
  • We still recommend to use our chain guide as well.
  • 19-20mm off set



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