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Built in Australia; New M600 & 52V Power; Shimano 10 Spds; Pre Order !


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  • M600 Bafang Motor ; Bafang’s New “Can” Generation mid drive motors with improved torque delivery and power handling
  • When the 48V is not enough, here comes the 52V power! Cruising effortlessly at 45kmh+
  • Uo to 910Wh 52V E-bike Battery
  • Shimano 10 speeds Deore system (Belt drive & Internal 5 speeds are coming in April)
  • Hydraulic Brakes front & rear for great braking performance
  • Full Size Fenders and Rack for all weather and urban riding


Electric Bike Built in Australia

Delivery in Feb 2022!

  • Limited 50 bikes in production
  • Pre Order Now to receive your bike in Feb 2022!

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  • Electric Bike Built in Australia
Q & A
  • Is there a throttle ?

Yes. You can with the un-restricted version only. The throttle works like a mini e-moped ; but it’s not recommended to use the throttle only to take off nor for an extensive long periods of time. It is an e-bicycle after all.


  • How many years will the battery last ?

E.Bike batteries should last up to 5 years before dropping to the 50% of the original capacity or even lower. The degeneration occurs gradually.


  • How does this bike ride ?

coming soon…


  • What are some of the improvements over the previous model ?

coming soon


  • How can I put the bike together from the box as the bike is shipped being 95% assembled.

We have a short video illustrating the steps . We will have also supplied basic tools in the box for you. You could also seek help from a local shop.


  • What if I have a problem with your

Most parts are just regular bike parts. You could get help from any bike store. If you ever counter any electrical issue (which is actually rare), we can remotely diagnose the issue and send over the replacement parts. We could also arrange a courier pick up and have it serviced in Sydney.



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