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The King of Road

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Australian design & engineering

Maximum power Intuitive delivery

This motor (Bafang G510) is monstrous with nearly 4 times more power than a standard Bosch or Shimano motor. The bike is capable of doing 55kmh -60kmh without breaking a sweat. We also have worked on our own firmware eMTB 2.0 for nearly 2 years. We did our own programming with countless of hours spent on the trails to perfect the power delivery.


This mid-drive motor measures sensors at pedals at a frequency of up to 80k Hz via a torque sensor and two speed sensors. The result is that “the harder you push , the more power you get from the motor”.

Size matters

Up to 910Wh Premium Battery

Our batteries are greater than all e.MTB bikes out there. Up to 910wh of battery energy is almost twice more than most e.bikes’ 500wh battery. To ensure the removing and installing of the battery is only a 3 secs job, we have chosen the external battery design.


The more powerful the motor is, the better the battery has to be (to handle the power demand). We have “mapped” & engineered our own batteries in Australia.

E.BIKE Specific

Engineered for the speed and weight

VOLITION is the leaders in adopting e.bike specific parts and technologies. Max is our premium model carrying all the latest results from our R&D


  • Stronger e.bike chain
  • Sealed clutch gear system; nexus 3 system
  • Safer quad-piston hydraulic e-brakes
  • High lumen e.bike front and DUAL rear LED lights
  • All rounder e.bike tyre ; German HANDS DAMPF Super Gravity good for the trail and commute
  • Tuned dual suspension system for the e.bike weight and speed


Who is this bike for ?

  • Best of Best from Volition Australia
  • engineered in Australia
  • top-class suspension systems for the big jumps
  • fast & Aggressive Enduro riding
  • the most powerful torque sensor mid drive motor

More Info

Technical Specifications (What's included)

“PRO” Available now

may not be exactly shown in the photo.


  • Frame; custom made for VOLITION in Taiwan with updated modern geometry and improved stiffness
  • Motor; BAFANG G510 Peak 2000Watts with our all new eMTB 2.0 mode
  • Battery; new generation 45A max / 90A burst BMS board. Engineered and tested in Australia
  • Fork Volition 180Mm Travel DH double crown.
  • Shock DNM Air 130Mm (165Mm)
  • Droppost Dnm CSD 125Mm
  • Tyre  Hans Dampf  Super Gravity 27.5 x 2.6
  • Wheel Sun-Ringle MTB (35Mm)  27.5
  • Lights High Lumen Front 6V + Rear 6V (x1)
  • Brakes Volition 4 Piston E.
  • Rotor 203mm Front And 180mm Rear Shimano
  • Drive Shimano Internal Nexus 3 Gear Set
  • Chain Z1 Chain E.
  • Pedals Volition Alloy Pedals Mt
  • Handle Bar 720Mm Volition
  • Stem 45Mm Volition eMTB
  • Saddle Velo Mt Saddle Vl3435
  • Bar Grip Prologo Bar Grip Sponge
  • Contact us if you have any questions



Questions & Answers
  • Is Nexus 3 as good as Alfine 8 ?

Not necessarily. Nexus is lighter and more compact. Afline-8 is bigger and extremely complex which also means a high chance of failure. We personally do not like shifting between 8 gears. Why shifting so many gears anyway ? Telsa cars are all single speeds. Nexus 3 has just enough gears for all types of roads in Australia.


  • Can I just use the throttle and not pedal at all ?

Yes. You can with the un-restricted version only. The throttle works like a mini motorbike; but it’s not recommended to do this for an extensive long periods of time. It is an e-bicycle after all.


  • Do you have dealers in other cities.

No. Volition E-Bike Australia is a factory to consumer / direct sale manufacturer based in Sydney. We actively try to hammer down the price to be the lowest possible.


  • What if I have a problem with your e.bike?

Most parts are just regular bike parts. You could get help from any bike store. If you are experiencing any electrical issue, we can remotely diagnose the issue and send the replacement. We could also arrange a courier pick up for your bike and have it serviced in Sydney.


  • How can I put the bike together from the box.

We have a short video. We will have also supplied basic tools in the box for you. You could also seek help from a local shop.

Industry Leading Bike Safety (Immobiliser)

Please purchase this upgrade here (link)



VOLITION has successfully developed a wireless module to cut off the controller power with our partner in Japan and Bafang China. Without the remote, the thieves wouldn’t be able to turn on the bike thus the bike would have no re-sale value. The module is embedded in the motor system. Riders can lock and unlock the controller wirelessly within 10 meters.




VOLITION MAX eMTB 2.0 experience







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