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Australian design & engineering

Maximum power Intuitive delivery

VOLITION team has worked on Bafang motors for years. We think our own firmware programmed and tested by riders in Australia is just a better version. Our motors sourced from Bafang have exclusive power increase and “software” to offer the most powerful yet intuitive eMTB (2.0) experience on the trail and road.


Australian made ?

Volition e.bikes are designed, engineered & hand built in Australia with imported parts. Some of the parts or features are exclusive.

Size matters

Up to 1000Wh Premium Battery

Battery (Wh) function differently on different motors. Our battery sizes are greater than 95% of e.bikes out there. All batteries are “mapped”, tested in Sydney and assembled in China in our OWN factory.

Sealed gears are better

Engineered for the speed and weight


Main benefits:

  • Internal gears use the stronger chain which is more durable & resist the stretch better
  • There is no “strange”  side-way chain movement grinding up and down the cassette
  • Power delivery is more smooth & efficient as the chain line remains straight
  • Internal gears can shift standing still without pedalling (at the traffic lights)
  • Internal gears are hidden from the dirt, sand or oil … and therefore require much less maintenance
  • A cassette system on an will need to be replaced every 3 months on average; NEXUS should last years if safely used.

Important Note: ALFINE has a clutch inside. Ease off the pedalling and stop the motor power to safely shift between gears.




  • BEST of BEST from VOLITION; an ultimate machine
  • people who have had e.bikes before and not “mocking around” this time
  • a premium electric bicycle with all futuristic features
  • a motor that defines “power”; with trail tyres on, you will fly through the woods


More Info

Specifications (What's included)



Name  Description / VOLITION AU * Specifications are subject to change without notice
FRAME  Matt Black or Gold Grey with Volition Logos
FORK  Volition Custom Air DNM, 27.5” 100mmx15mm, 120mm of travel
REAR SHOCK                      
STEM Volition MT Stem, 80mm, matt black, with black spacers, alloy
HANDLEBAR Volition MT Bar, 9-degree back-sweep, 39mm rise, 700mm, 31.8mm, alloy
GRIP Nexus specific full & semi grips
SADDLE Volition Custom Body Geometry Urban Expert
SEAT POST Zoom/Uno/Satori one-way seat suspension with adapters for 31.8mm
FRONT BRAKE Shimano MT400, 2-piston caliber, hydraulic disc, 180mm Rotor
REAR BRAKE Shimano MT400, 2-piston caliber, hydraulic disc, 180mm Rotor
SHIFTER Shimano Nexus Internal 3 Speed Half-Twist Shifter
CASSETTE Gates 22T Rear Sprocket
BELT DRIVE Carbon Gates Belt 125T. Made in USA
CHAINRING Gates 55T Front Sprocket
CRANKSET Bafang G510 MTB custom offset, 170mm, alloy
F. WHEEL SET SunRingle 25mm eMTB Rim, stain-less spokes 32 + Quanta 100mmx15mm hub
R. WHEEL SET SunRingle 25mm eMTB Rim, stain-less spokes 32, Nexus 3spd silent gear Hub
FRONT TYRE Schwalbe Puncture Resistant, 45Kmh E.Bike Ready, 27.5×2.4
REAR TYRE Schwalbe Puncture Resistant, 45Kmh E.Bike Ready, 27.5×2.4
INNER TUBES Kenda Standard, Presta or Schrader valve
MOTOR Bafang G510, Volition custom trail-tuned eMTB 2.0,  1500W+ Peak, Torque Sensor
THROTTLE  Bafang Thumb Throttle, left hand
UI/DISPLAY UNIT Bafang DPC18 Centred with onboard control buttons. USB port
ANTI THEFT Both Built-in Alarm and Immobiliser are Available for Purchase
BATTERY & KEYS  48V Semi-Integrated, keys operated lock, on-board charging port, USB
CHARGER 48V Au Plug, 3amps charger, 6 Hour Charging
F. LIGHT Volition Custom 800Lumen. Available for Purchase
R. LIGHTs Volition Custom LED. Available for Purchase
Kick Stand Heavy Duty Side Stand , M5x2
PEDALS Volition All Alloy, eMTb ready
PANNIER RACK Volition Custom, support up to 15Kg. Available for Purchase
MUD FENDERS Volition Custom, matt black. Available for Purchase
PHONE HOLDER Volition Custom Gub, alloy, black. Available for Purchase
BIKE WEIGHT Around 28kgs with a 840wh battery
FREE TOOL Allen keys, Wrench, Reflectors, Bell….
BOX SIZE 148cm x 25cm x 85cm/ Shipping Weight 30Kg
Road Legal Please contact us if you need the bike to be fully road legal and meet the 25Kmh 250watts requirement to be used on the roads





FRAME GEOMETRY. M/L only suitable for 155cm – 190cm ; one size fits most

Questions & Answers
  • Is 3 speed enough for my riding ?

Yes. Couple with the powerful up to 180Nm Torque mid drive motor, Shimano Nexus provides a gear ratio of 186%. Low for climbing. Neutral for Cruising. High for downhill. “3” is a simple number.


  • Can I just use the throttle and not pedal at all ?

Yes. You can with the un-restricted version only. The throttle works like a mini e-moped ; but it’s not recommended to use the throttle only to take off nor for an extensive long periods of time. It is an e-bicycle after all.


  • How many years will the battery last ?

E.Bike batteries should last up to 5 years before dropping to the 50% of the original capacity or even lower. The “best” period is the first 2 – 3 years.


  • How much is it to put the trail tyres on the Jet

Depends on the brand. We recommend the Schwalbe Smart Sam ($29 additional per tyre/ fitted) which is an allrounder trail tyre that can also do well on the road. Please email us after the order is placed, we will send you a separate invoice 🙂


  • What are some of the improvements over the previous model ?

Support (new) semi-integrated battery system. Support carbon gates Belt. Improved suspensions & lights systems …


  • Do you have dealers ?  Can I try this e-bike first ?

No. Volition E-Bike Australia is a factory to consumer / direct sale manufacturer based in Sydney. We actively try to hammer down the price to be the lowest possible.

We are currently in the process of creating some customer stories to show case how our e.bikes feel and how it can enhance your lifestyle.


  • What if I have a problem with your

Most parts are just regular bike parts. You could get help from any bike store. If you are experiencing any electrical issue, we can remotely diagnose the issue and send the replacement. We could also arrange a courier pick up and have it serviced in Sydney.


  • How can I put the bike together from the box.

We have a short video. We will have also supplied basic tools in the box for you. You could also seek help from a local shop.


Mid Drive vs Hub Motor

There are mainly two motor systems on the market


New e-motor and battery trends from Eurobike 2019: Amprio, Bafang ...

[Mid Drive]

  • Produces a lot of torque utilising the bike’s gear system for the hill climbing and efficient riding. All premium e.bikes use mid drive systems
  • The motor is light weight, centred and a part of the frame; thus, no negative effect on the suspension performance
  • Requires some hours on the bike to learn and understand the system
  • Puts the stress on the bike chain hence regular chain /cassette replacement is needed; however, internal gear systems solve this issue.



FSA System rear hub e-bike motor powers road, gravel, commuting ...

[Hub Motor Drive]

  • Affordable & popular on entry level e.bikes
  • protected & impose no stress on the drive system
  • Poor leverage. Imagine grabbing the hinge of a door to open it instead of the door nob
  • Unsprung mass which means it negatively affects the suspension performance
  • Tyre / tube change is a hassle


[ What do we love mid drive motors ? ]

  • better suspension performance, better handling, better weight distribution
  • very natural pedalling feeling
  • power! mid drive motors are much more powerful than hub motors.






JET Performance 1000Wh 48V BATTERY UPGRADE

5A Fast Charger (48V) Upgrade


VOLITION Engineered Front Light

6V Rear Light Volition Engineered

SUNTOUR Seat Suspension Upgrade

Shimano Ice Rotor 180mm Upgrade (Set)

JET Mug Guards Fenders

Immobilizer Safety Feature Upgrade

Volition Alarm Feature

Volition Custom Phone Holder

Suspension Upgrade (Recommended)

Drop Post Upgrade (Recommended)

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