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Australian Exclusive BBSHD Plus
  • Why settle for the ordinary. Try our exclusive 35amps; Peak 2000watts Ludicrous mode
  • We have loaded our own software setting for a more linear and safer motor controller performance – our own special sauce (EMTB 2.0 mode)
  • Up to 160N.m of torque
  • Every motor is checked in Sydney by VOLITION before sending to our customers
  • Supports both 48V and 52V Batteries
  • The motor may have the Bafang or VOLITION brand but the motor hardware is the same !


If you have an older BBS0102b motor , you could just buy the motor only upgrade and save $

What’s included in a full kit.Ā Ā 

  • Motor
  • Controller
  • Stealth Mini B.W DPC13 Display
  • Chainring 46T
  • Speed sensor
  • Pedal arms
  • Thumb Throttle
  • Small parts & cables


What are not included ?

  • brake levers are not included
  • gear sensor is not included.
  • Brake sensor is not included and not needed
  • tools are not included
  • Installation instructions are not included. There are many videos on youtube that can help you.



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BAFANG/VOLITION M615.G320 MOTOR is manufactured by Bafang China –

(Old Name BBSHD)Ā Bafang website :





Over 1000 conversions jobs by our team. We have seen everything.


Q. Can I do the installation myself ? Is it hard ? Can Volition do the work for me ?

Yes. There are many Youtube videos out there that can help you. However, the tool and set up you need for the conversion may cost you hundreds and if you have zero experience with bikes or similar products, you may ended up some further repair bills you do not want to see. We are the most experienced team in Australia and offer our professional installation at $600.



Q. I only want a 500W or 750W motor ? Do you have them ?

Yes. We can detune the motor to a lower number. This way, your battery will last longer and the motor itself will last longer as well. The price is the same



Q. What is the top speed and range ?

We set our motor top speed to 50kmh. RemovingĀ the speed limit avoids the warranty. However, the theoreticalĀ motorĀ top speed for most bikes is 60kmh depending on the road and gear ratio. The range depends on the size of the battery you buy and how you use the motor. The more you depend on the motor , the less range you will get out of the battery. Our range estimate is based on most riders’ real world pedalling.

Q. Ā What is the difference between power and torque ?

Two motors & two bikes consuming the same 1000watts can produce very different acceleration time and torque for the hill. Secondly, the motor power is often discounted when you factor the motor efficiency and drive train efficiency depending on the quality of parts and the engineering effort.

Watts is the energy consumption power on the paper but the real world speed and torque is what really counts “being a powerful system”.



Q. Can I buy 52V batteries else where ? Doe the motor take 48V batteries ?

A. The motor supports both 52v & 48V.Ā  You can source your own battery. Our Batteries have been specifically engineered to take on powerful motors without dying prematurely.



Q. Is BBSHD / M615 truly better than the older but a bit cheaper BBS0102b

A. 100% so much better. We strongly recommend the BBSHD over BBS0102 ( if you have to do a conversion). HD stands for Heavy Duty. The motor is properly engineered in every way including heat management, gear design & the quality of the components. However, Ā the best motor title goes to our VOLITION re-tuned M620 G510 Peaking 2000watts with the torque sensor.



Q. What is the difference with peak power and nominal power ?

A. The nominal power (watts) is the stable average power out under a medium level of stress – like fast jogging. The peak power is like sprinting – the motor is giving all it has. Both numbers are important. VOLITION calculates the peak power using fully charged batteries.



Q. Why does VOLITION do the adding high-temp grease, checking the screws as well as adding extra silicone water-sealing gel

A. They are extra work but worth it. Stock motors’ grease is inadequate and more is required to make the gears running well longer. Some of the motors brand new out of the box have loose screws on them which worried us and prompted a mandatory check on all new motors. Lastly, water protection is important. Both of the controller and the core are sealed by a thin piece of rubber only. Adding extra gel around the rubber fills up the gap nicely so the motor can last longer in the rain.



Q. Which batteries should I use this to pair ?

A. Ideally, you should use premium cells for 1700watts + motors. Our selection of A-grade Chinese Cells can also handle 1500Watts power max. Ā In general, low quality and small batteries may not handle the 2000watts well and may grow damaged cells inside.



Q. Can I convert any bike ?

A. Almost.Ā  Hard tails are often easier than dual suspensions. You will also have to think about where you can put the battery safely to keep the weight down and centred.Ā  Most Carbon frame is a no-go due to their thick tubing design. You are more than welcome to email photos of your bike to for a quick assessment. We have done most conversions than any team in Australia !

We recommend 8/9 speed mountain bikes due to their innate strength and suspension. 10/11/12 speeds are not recommended because the chain and cassette start to get really thin and the motor’s pull power may destroy them within weeks. But if you are prepared to replace them often, you will be fine as well.



Q. Should I purchase some brake sensors and what are they?

A brake sensor cuts the motor power off when a brake is applied. It is an additional safety feature. However, all high end motors do not feature them because they are simply unreliable if not terrible. We have had a very high percentage of customer complaints about the brake sensors failing. We have put thousands of test hours on our special firmware and we think our version of motors are so intuitive and responsive that brake sensors are no longer needed. and there will be one less cable hanging.


Q. Do I need the gear sensor ? What is it ?

Gear sensor is highly recommended! It delays the power for a sec to allow gear shifting taking place safely. It should extend the lifespan of your gear system.




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