e-Conversion E.Bike 2000Watts!

e-Conversion E.Bike 2000Watts!

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  • 50kmh+, Affordable, Electric Bikes, Long Range Battery, Urban Commute

Bafang BBSHS 52V Conversion; Electric Moped


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Up to 2000watts & 160NM

Power Your Journey ! Up to 2000Watts of Geared Power



  • Power is fun ; Up to 2000Watts with our exclusive offer
  • Relatively easy to e-convert your bike; although we do not offer instructions, there are many helpful Youtube videos
  • The mid drive motor is just better in terms of producing the torque and having the fun
  • Bafang M615 System also known as BBSHD 48V/52V is a mature system with millions of Kms done by the users around the world.



"Electric Motorbike"

Who is this for ? Why You'll love it ?


Who is this for ? Why You’ll love it ?


  • This kit will turn your bike into a private-use-only powerful machine ; is going to flatten any hill that you can possibly stand on. However, please do not count on a super old bike. It does not make sense to put $2000 worth of parts on a $200 bike.
  • Some e.bikes have the integrated motor with the torque sensor; however, the torque sensor requires the rider to put effort in pedalling which isn’t for everyone. This motor is by no mistake an e-moped experience and the pedalling is insignificant
  • Suitable for people looking for an affordable powerful e.bike experience and “belittling” the 250W motors
  • Suitable for people looking for the min pedalling effort but “tear part” the hills / roads




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