BAFANG Hub Motor Kit


Ideal for Commuters and Uber Eats

Own it now, pay later



  • New sine wave peak 1200watts controller / Integrated into the battery cradle
  • 22A max 48V
  • Silent Bafang rear hub motor; 48V/52V nominal
  • All new patented water-resistant connectors through the system.
  • Front and rear lights connected to the controller included


What’s included ?

  • whole rear wheel
  • battery cradle & controller built-in
  • small parts
  • the 48V battery is an additional purchase
  • No tools are provided. You will need some basic workshop tools and bike tools


To Uber eats Riders


  • Mid drive isn’t super ideal for your use.
  • Mid drive motors are complex and compact; therefore, they are prone to bearing, gear & heat issues when you are using it for 8 hours a way.
  • This hub motor got less parts insider and is simpler in its structure than mid drivel; therefore, the motor should be able to handle the extensive use from your delivery work



Premium 48V Battery – VOLITION Engineering

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