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Bafang/ Volition M400 "BOOST" mid drive motor

Volition’s boosted up the M400 motor power by 100% !  Now the motor pumps up more than 110N.m of torque and nearly 1000watts!  We have also added the throttle in the system. The bike is capable hitting up to 40kmh with some pedalling effort.

The mid-drive motor measures at 80k Hz via a torque sensor and two speed sensors to provide the smooth & intuitive ride. In spite of the power, the motor operates in virtual silence.

Australian made ?

Volition e.bikes are designed, engineered & hand built in Australia with imported parts. Some of the parts or features are exclusive.


Premium 48V Long Range Battery

Our Batteries (measured in Wh) are greater than most e.bikes out there. It is important to know when comparing e.bikes that the cost of the battery often accounts for 40% of an’s price. Wh for Wh, our e.bikes easily offer the most amount of value.


Another thing sets us apart is that we design our own battery. Most batteries use similar cells inside. The difference is in assembling, materials & safety standards.  Our team made strict assembly & quality protocols so each battery is made to our highest safety and performance standard.


Why You'll Love this

  • a super quiet yet powerful riding experience;
  • a road legal motor that will flatten the hills
  • affordable “luxury”; want an un-compromised ebike that does not break the bank
  • 48V power system that is integrated and super easy to remove and carry
  • a very light at around 22-24kg for the trail riding

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Specifications (What's included)

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Name Description / VOLITION AU * Specifications are subject to change without notice
FRAME  Matt Black or Fire Blue
FORK  Volition Custom Coil, 29”, QR, 120mm of travel, compression lock
STEM Volition Stem, 80mm, matt black, with black spacers
HANDLEBAR Volition Alloy Bar, 9-degree backsweep, 39mm rise, 700mm, 31.8mm
GRIP Sponge Grips
SADDLE Volition Custom Body Geometry Urban Expert
SEATPOST Volition rigid post, alloy, 31.8mm, Post Clamp 34.9 QR
FRONT BRAKE Volition custom, 2-piston caliber, hydraulic disc, 160mm Rotor
REAR BRAKE Volition custom, 2-piston caliber, hydraulic disc, 160mm Rotor
REAR DERAILLEUR              None
SHIFTER Shimano 3 spd. Shifter
CASSETTE Shimano NEXUS 16T or 18T
Chain Drive KMC Single Z Chain
CHAINRING Bafang G330 38T Ring, alloy, dual side protection
CRANKSET Bafang G330 Urban custom offset, 170mm, black
F. WHEEL SET Mavic Custom 19mm Rim, stainless spokes 32, Shimano hub, Quick release
R. WHEEL SET Mavic Custom 19mm Rim, stainless spokes 32, Shimano Nexus hub
TYRES Schwalbe Puncture Resistant, 29×2.15
INNER TUBES Kenda Standard, Presta or Schrader valve
MOTOR Bafang G300(M400), Volition custom trail-tuned eMTB 2.0,  1000W Peak, Torque Sensor
THROTTLE  Bafang Thumb Throttle, left hand
UI/DISPLAY UNIT Bafang DPC11 Stealth with onboard control buttons
ANTI THEFT Built-in Alarm Available for Purchase. Immobiliser is not available on this model. 
BATTERY & KEYS  Up to 50Km; 560Wh 48V 11.6Ah 2900mahx52 cells, Semi-Integrated, keys operated lock, on-board charging port, USB
CHARGER 48V Au Plug, 3amps charger, 4.5 Hour Charging 
F. LIGHT Premium Wired-in Lights Available for Purchase
R. LIGHT Premium Wired-in Lights Available for Purchase
Kick Stand Heavy Duty Side Stand , M5x2
PEDALS Well-go, Flat, Large, Urban Friendly
PANNIER RACK Volition Custom, support up to 15kg Available for Purchase
MUD FENDERS Volition Custom, matt black, Available for Purchase
PHONE HOLDER Volition Custom Gub, alloy, black, Available for Purchase
FREE Allen keys, Wrench, Reflectors, Bell…
WEIGHT Around 24kg with a 700Wh battery
BOX SIZE  148cm x 25cm x 85cm/ Shipping Weight 30Kg
Note Please contact us if you need the bike to be fully road legal and meet the 25Kmh 250watts requirement to be used on the roads




Size M/L




Questions & Answers
  • Is nexus 3 enough for me ?

Yes for 99% of the riders. We tested the nexus system setup extensively.  Our gear set up is good for climbing steep hills and Up to 40kmh speed. This motor is not powerful enough to go more than 40kmh regardless.  Plus, if you hope to use the high gear to do the “slow peddling”, such a way is going to put a lot of stress on the motor and thus may break it.


  • How many years will the battery last ?

E.Bike batteries should last up to 5 years before dropping to the 50% of the original capacity or even lower. The “best” period is the first 2 – 3 years.


  • Can I just use the throttle and not pedal at all ?

Yes. You can with the un-restricted version only. The throttle works like a mini e-moped ; but it’s not recommended to use the throttle only to take off nor for an extensive long periods of time.


  • What are some of the improvements over the previous model ?

Support (new) semi-integrated battery system. Improved suspensions & lights systems …


  • What if I have a problem with your

Most parts are just regular bike parts. You could get help from any bike store. If you are experiencing any electrical issue, we can remotely diagnose the issue and send the replacement. We could also arrange a courier pick up and have it serviced in Sydney.


  • How can I put the bike together from the box.

We have a short video. We will have also supplied basic tools in the box for you. You could also seek help from a local shop.


Mid Drive vs Hub Motor

There are mainly two ebike motor systems on the market


New e-motor and battery trends from Eurobike 2019: Amprio, Bafang ...

[Mid Drive]

  • Produces a lot of torque utilising the bike’s gear system; better for the hill climbing and efficient riding. All premium e.bikes use mid drive systems
  • Light weight, centred and a part of the frame; thus, no negative effect on the suspension performance
  • Riders need some hours on the bike to learn and understand how it works
  • Puts the stress on the bike chain; however, internal gear systems in general can solve this issue.



[Hub Motor Drive]

  • Affordable & popular on entry level e.bikes
  • Impose no stress on the drive system by not using them
  • Not great torque; poor leverage
  • Unsprung mass which means it negatively affects the suspension performance
  • Tyre / tube change is a hassle
  • Subjectively boring …




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